Re Claiming The BLAK BODY

EMBRYOLOGY is the branch of Biology and Medicine concerned with the study of Embryos and their development. It outlines the features and Phenomena exhibited in the formation and development of an Embryo. Physiology is the branch of Biology dealing with Functions and Vital processes of living Organs. Reproduction begins with the Uniting of two specialized Sex cells called Gametes. Generally, the fusion of the Sperm and Egg or Conception is called an Embryo until after the eighth week of development… ,it s is called a Fetus….until expulsion from the Womb.

The first Organ System to form during the development of the BLAK AFRIKAN Body (during organogenesis) is the Skin (Feeling) System. The second Organ system to develop is the Heart, blood and circulatory System so that nutrients and waste can be transported throughout the growing Embryo. The Lungs are the last major Organ to finish developing.

The sex cells that divide to reproduce other sex cells are called Spermatocytes for Sperm cells  and Oocytes for Egg cells. A similar biological description is used for those cells that produce Melanin. The cells that divide and produce to form MELANIN are called Melanocytes. Melanocytes are Pigment-‘forming Cells that are mostly derived from the Neural Crest.  Therefore the origin of BLAKNESS or  BLAK SKIN Pigmentation is a result of Melanocyte functioning. Psychological processes such as Sensation and Perception is dependent upon Melanin functioning for heightened Physiological arousal and Extrasensory Perception.  The properties of MELANIN can optimize the functioning of our BLAK Physiological systems and its absence during Fetal and/or advanced development can be life-threatening.

The function of MELANIN in the BLAK AFRIKAN Body can be analogous to Chlorophyll in Green Plants. Chlorophyll is the Pigment located in Plants that facilitates the very important process of Photo-Synthesis. Without Chlorophyll, there would be impaired conversion of Carbon dioxide and Water into Oxygen and glucose. Similarly Melanin is the super-absorber of All forms of Energy. It stores, transforms and conduct Energy. It can convert Light to Sound and back again. It allows the growth and development of the AFRIKAN BODY towards Mystical Consciousness and Inner Vision. Because of its complex structure and resistance to most chemical treatments… MELANIN IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO ANALYZE. It cannot be dissolved by cold or boiling water, nor by any alcohols. This impenetrable state of the Molecule is what accounts for 1) its initial cost, and 2) the slow progress that daunts Melanin research. A single gram of Melanin is more expensive than gold. Its TIME TO RECLAIM THE BLAK BODY!!!

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