Original I MAN


As I MAN-age, I MAN form certain precepts and attain a certain flexibility which determines I MAN persona. I MAN see things with open eyes and I MAN horizons are limitless. I MAN have a certain degree of firmness but welcome divergence and diversity. I MAN is strong enough to let other people be who they are and don’t feel threatened by their brilliance. I MAN know that all birds are not made by the same feathers. I MAN accept that different folks have different strokes. I MAN commit mistakes but cope well with the concomitant frustrations and I own fallibility.

I MAN never assume too much. I MAN don’t hitch I wagon to the stars. I MAN expect nothing and I MAN have no one and nothing to blame. If the unexpected happen I MAN feel a thrill that cannot be described in words. I MAN march to the sound of I own drum.

I MAN bow I head to the wind. I MAN move along with the current and ride with the tides. I MAN have the knack of converting misfortune into fortune and believe in blessings in disguise. I MAN have more faith in men who have fallen many times and have risen each time than in men who have never fallen at all. As one English writer said. “It is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all”. Experience makes him a greater man.

I MAN know when luck strikes and when luck runs out. But I MAN know that luck is the residue of design. I MAN change the things that I can and accept the things I MAN cannot change and have the wizzy to know the difference. I MAN will give you an inch but won’t give a foot. I MAN will let someone pat I back but won’t let that same one bang I MAN head. Enough is enough!
I MAN view life as a comedy and a tragedy.

Even when the most dreadful of tragedies strike, all is not lost. With every breath there is hope. Even tragedy has its own humor. As I MAN say, “It is better to have bad breath than no breath at all”. Everybody grows but not everyone grows up. I MAN accept that. I MAN develop I own tastes, likes and dislikes and don’t expect everyone to be like I. I MAN know whom and when to please and whom and when not to please. I MAN run when I have to and fight if called for. I MAN learn the value of relationship and the price of involvement.
It takes extra to rise above the crowd. I MAN seek out I own enjoyment. Life is what I MAN make it. I MAN is the Master of I own Destiny.


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