From Emancipation To The Reggae Boyz


From Emancipation To The Reggae Boyz is based on a 2006 Institute of Caribbean Cultural Studies U.W.I., Mona PhD dissertation titled : The Industrialization of Football : A Cultural Analysis of Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz 1998 Road To France World Cup Campaign. From Emancipation To The Reggae Boyz is an African-Caribbean Ras TafarI centered perspective/narrative of 180 years (1834-2014) of struggle for economic, social, political, religious and cultural freedoms / liberation…viewed through the lens of international football. 

African – Caribbean Ras TafarI Centeredness can be defined as ‘the practice and meditations’ of African/Black People as Agents grounded/centered in a historical Space (in this case the Caribbean) and Time (1834 – present) using the Philosophy and Opinions (Consciousness) of Marcus Garvey and the Teachings of His Imperial Majesty JAH Ras TafarI as the primary tools for advancing social, economic, spiritual  and political life’. 

The African Caribbean Centered Ras TafarI Perspective is not color-conscious; it is not a matter of “color” but of Culture that matters in the orientation of Centeredness. Such a critical shift in thinking means that the African Caribbean-Centered Ras TafarI Perspective provides new insights and dimensions to the understanding of past and present phenomena.

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