Commemorating the 50th Year of Visit of Emperor Haile Selassie to JahMekYa

R .U .H. L. L AFRIKAN LIBERATION STRUGGLE: From the Coronation of RasTafarI to the Visit to JahMekyaof His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie (3rd November 1930 – 21st April 1966)

1848 – Birth of Alexander Bedward

1884 – 1885 Berlin Conference /The Carving up of Africa

1887- August 17th Birth of Marcus Mosiah Garvey

1892- July 23rd Birth of Ras Tafari Makonnen

1894 Birth of Joseph Hibbert

1895- First Italo-Ethiopian War

1898 – Birth of Leonard P. Howell


Birth of Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards

1920s Marcus Mosiah Garvey and UNIA

Marcus Garvey deported to Jamaica

The Royal Parchment Scroll of Black Supremacy – Fitz Ballentine Petersburg

Formation of People’s Political Party (PPP)

Birth of Elder Mortimer Kumi Planno

1928 – Publishing of Holy Pliby by J. Athlyl Rogers


Ethiopian Italian War

Publishing of the Promised Key by Leonard Howell

1934 – Leonard P. Howell charged with sedition –

1935 – Time Magazine names Haile Selassie as Man of the Year

1938 – Formation of the Ethiopian World Federation (EWF).

EWF Foundation Members- Archibald Dunkley, Robert Hinds, Joseph Hibbert

1940s Establishment of the Community of PINNACLE

1950s – Army and State Destruction of PINNACLE

Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya

Claudius Henry charged for sedition

1960- UWI Mission to Africa

Destruction of DUNG HILL / Back O Wall

1963 – Coral Gardens Massacre

His Imperial Majesty addresses the United Nations – Speech made into international hit song (WAR) performed by Bob Marley.

1963- Assassination of Medgar Evers in USA

1965 – Assassinations of Malcolm X in USA

1966 – VISIT of H.I.M. Haile Selassie to JAHMEKYA

1968- Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King in USA

Dr. Walter Rodney expelled from Jamaica; Riotous.

1970- Emperor Haile Selassie sends the Archbishop Laike Mandefro to Jamaica as emissary of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC).

Establishment of RastafarI Mansions and Charters

Nyahbinghi Ethiopian Orthodox Church Twelve Tribes EABIC/BoboShantI

1972- Michael Manley PNP comes to power with ‘Rod of Correction’

1974 – 75- Ethiopian Monarchy toppled; Mengistu comes to power

Bob Marley respond with release of hit song ‘JAH LIVE’

1976- General Elections; Manley declares ‘Democratic Socialism’

1978- Bob Marley shot; Smile Jamaica ONE LOVE Peace Concert

1980- CIVIL WAR in Jamaica; – Fiftieth Anniversary of the “Crowning” of Ras TafarI

1981- Bob Marley dies in USA

1987- Assassination of Peter Tosh and Free I in Jamaica

1990 – Formation of the Rastafari Centralisation Organisation

1992- 100th Anniversary of Birth of Ras TafarI

1997 – Visit of Delegation to Sheshemanie to sign Land Grant

2000 Hosting of Rastafari Global Conference – U.W.I Jamaica

2009 – Formation of the Rastafari Millennium Council

2014 – Granting of Act to form the Church of Haile Selassie I in Jamaica

De-criminal-ization of GanJah in Jamaica

2016- 50 Years Later…

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