1980 – 1993 The Bunghi Chin Don D Football Regime

While planning my exit from the COLD of North America in 1979, I was advised by Winston Chung (who I met in Baltimore) who was responsible for developing/guiding Santos FC of Kingston and St Andrew and schoolboy team Clarendon College to the 1977 Da Costa Cup Title, to make a link with the Santos club when I got home. On my return to local soil, I met coach Jackie Bell and turned out for the Santos FC, trained daily and played for a few months before being offered the coaching post. This would allow Bell to concentrate on management of the club and his sporting business at Antillean Sports. 

Unable to secure funding for professional coaching services, Bell suggested ‘where’ football was weakest in Jamaica and if I really wanted to make a contribution to the development of THE GAME in Jamaica then I should investigate Portland and St. Mary’s (north east generally), strongly recommending that I do something to assist the poorest region that was badly in need for some help. I duly obliged. 

Football at Titchfield high school experienced its greatest successes under the leadership of Principal Lloyd O. Chin. Lloyd O Chin, who was unsophisticated, erudite, enigmatic and visionary. Chin recruited heavily for the best teachers available locally and abroad and would travel overseas to conduct personal interviews with prospective teachers for the school. The high standard set for the school was exemplified by the principal and maintained by his staff. Ultimately, it was the high quality teaching staff that kept the Titchfield flag flying high, particularly in matters academic. 

Likewise Lloyd O. Chin sought the best sporting talent available for the school whether student or coach. In this regard, Titchfield’s athletic program was coordinated by the very committed and athletic Bob (bob marley) McFarlane, the cricket program was in good hands with the experienced Tom ‘Nyah’ Wynter (deceased) and the football was about to be put in the portfolio of new sport master, physical education teacher and resident-coach, yours truly Don Davis. 

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