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CRITIQUE of the Brazilian Philosophy


CRITIQUE of the Brazilian Philosophy of “maintaining possession” of the ball because then the other team “cannot score”…

While Brazil AND Spain’s game was based on possession and passing until an occasional chance was created, Germany’s Loew's lineup was happy to attack and take risks. ''We want possession but that is only one factor in our game,'' Loew said earlier in the tournament. ''We want to keep the ball low, we want to avoid long and high balls and we want quick transition. We need to improve our efficiency.'' Loew also adopted the notion of a ''false nine'' system without a true striker, another idea borrowed from Spain. But when Germany had some trouble in earlier matches in the tournament in Brazil, Loew did not hesitate to revert to starting Miroslav Klose, the only true striker in his team.

Germany's talented midfielders rotated positions constantly, they were always on the move and any is capable of scoring.  Mueller has been the most prolific with five goals so far, either playing as a winger with Klose in the lineup or as forward when Klose is on the bench.

Critically, Germany has shown it can win even when it doesn't have more possession France had as much as Germany and lost 1-0 in the quarterfinals. Brazil had 51 percent, with the known outcome.

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