Friday 22, Jun 2018

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1980 – 1993 The Bunghi Chin Don D Football Regime

While planning my exit from the COLD of North America in 1979, I was advised by Winston Chung (who I met in Baltimore) who was responsible for developing/guiding Santos FC of Kingston and St Andrew and schoolboy team Clarendon College to the 1977 Da Costa Cup Title, to make a link with the Santos club when I got home. On my return to local soil, I met coach Jackie Bell and turned out for the Santos FC, trained daily and played for a few months before being offered the coaching post.

Jamaican Football Suffering From Top Down Development


Following on the success of the 1998 senior national football team, dubbed the REGGAE BOYZ, Jamaica’s national Under 20 and Under 17 teams also achieved success in appearing in FIFA Youth World Cups. Twenty years onward of that great national event (Qualification) there has been a ‘free fall’ of local football from the heights of France to the debacle of the 2014 Mission to Rio.