Thursday 17, Jan 2019

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The Powers of Blackskin Pigmentation

THE POWERS OF BLACKSKIN PIGMENTATION is based upon Intuitive (original) Philosophical, Physiological and Psychological Research initiated (and conducted) by the Author while enrolled at the GRADUATE FACULTY of the NEW SCHOOL for SOCIAL RESEARCH located on Manhattan Island, New York City (1979). THE POWERS OF BLACKSKIN PIGMENTATION is a psycho-philosophical presentation of a LIFE TIME investigation into the nature and function(s) of the PIGMENT CELLS in the Sense Organ known as SKIN.

Original I MAN


As I MAN-age, I MAN form certain precepts and attain a certain flexibility which determines I MAN persona. I MAN see things with open eyes and I MAN horizons are limitless. I MAN have a certain degree of firmness but welcome divergence and diversity. I MAN is strong enough to let other people be who they are and don’t feel threatened by their brilliance. I MAN know that all birds are not made by the same feathers. I MAN accept that different folks have different strokes. I MAN commit mistakes but cope well with the concomitant frustrations and I own fallibility.